The other day I attended a seminar where we talked about how to achieve success. We all want to be successful in our lives, whatever it means to each of us. The lecturer told us the following mechanism:

Information -> Knowledge -> Confidence -> Activity -> Habits -> SUCCESS

I was very interested because I immediately compared the words to achieving lifestyle goals. For example, eating habits or regular physical activity are very common.

Sometimes, clients think that the coach will do the “hard work ” for them or fitness trainer will tell them something they don’t know yet and it will light them up. Yes, it can happen BUT! In my experience many people actually know what to do and still they don’t do it.

The reasons are different – from ignorance, laziness, lack of motivation, different priorities to health problems that can limit them in everyday life. I found that the greatest benefit of my work is actually the very presence of me as a coach with those clients who have a motivation, trust and commitment. And suddenly, everything is easier and the goals that are so much desired are being realized. The point is that books and magazines never respond to a person’s specific situation. They are great for education and acknowledgment but every person is unique and has individual problems, a lot of questions and specific needs. Therefore, the work of a personal trainer for fitness goals, a nutritional consultant for nutritional goals and a coach for lifestyle goals is so important.

Now back to that formula. It starts with the word information. You need to know WHAT and HOW! Often repeated information creates knowledge. My clients will remember me many times at work that they should hold their shoulders away from their ears to avoid postural imbalances  I repeat some “commands” over and over again until it is sometimes annoying. However, I know that I continually upload a new pattern of behavior to their brain. They know the reason too. Actually, I’m trying to make knowledge out of the information.

Once we have the knowledge, we gain self-confidence in that area. For example, when we know what to eat and we have knowledge about the new dietary regime, we get more certainty that we turn into action. We make the knowledge became a reality by doing it (activity).

Repeated activity creates a habit. The habit is often what changes our lifestyle. New habit is a sneaky lady dressed in an innocent robe. It feels like it’s going to be easy and yet it’s a chore. We need to realize that we need time, patience, and discipline to build habits. In terms of time, it takes something about 28 days. It is a process that has its phases. Only at the end of the process a habit will be created but many people will give up earlier. Therefore, the coach/trainer intervention and support at the right time is cardinal. If we overcome some of the pitfalls associated with creating a new habit, we can draw on the much-desired benefits.