The word CORE is so often heard word that it’s spinning my head. 

Can it be applied in any field but what does it mean in terms of fitness?

Translation of CORE is CENTER OF THE BODY. However, the center of the body is not just a dreamy six pack (rectus abdominis muscle). Deep stabilizers (aroud the spine), transverse abdominis, pelvic floor muscle, multifidius and oblique abdominal muscles (internal and external) play a primary role. Correct diaphram breathing is also important for the proper functioning and strengthening of the center of the body.

The following exercise on bosu provokes both deep and superficial muscles to work to help strengthen CORE. Correct technique is the foundation. The point is to engage the lower part of rectus abdominis (pull the belly button towards the spine), push slightly the ribs into the bosu, hold the shoulders away from the ears and breathe deeply.


Do not use Balance Techniques in acute painful and inflammatory or central nervous system disorders. I recommend that you first acquire diaphragmatic breathing and the position on a solid surface. Only after mastering this foundation you can progress the exercise to bosu. Otherwise, dysfunctional patterns and musculoskeletal problems may occur. (Source here)