Meet our experienced team of lifestyle coaches who guide you on your journey. Everything they recommend is also tested on themselves and supported by studies. Pavlína and David share the same enthusiasm for discovering new ways to improve life and their passion is to pass on their knowledge to others.

“Excellence is a habit.” – Aristotle

Pavlina Ondrackova

The work of a lifestyle coach is my passion because it gives me the opportunity to change the lives of people for their benefit and to be present during such a transformation. In my work with clients, I mainly use a high degree of empathy, open communication and a sense of urgency toward the goal. I believe that a distinctive approach creates opportunity for motivation and clear leadership. 

That’s why I studied managerial sociology and psychology at university as a part of my degree and I have always been interested in body-mind balance. I went through a coaching course to understand the world in which people live and then help them open the door to a myriad of great opportunities.  

For the past 10 years I have been actively engaged in a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition and cooking is my passion and I like to share it. I love meals that are nutritionally balanced and tasty. That’s why I cook and bake fitness food and try to create new, healthy versions of traditional dishes. I founded a company that focused on nutritional counseling.  After my studies, I traveled abroad to study fitness and personal trainings. Even during this time, I remained faithful to my visions and values – to inspire people around me. Despite many obstacles, I established my own business again in Australia. My obsession is healthy cooking so I became a personal cook. Under my food leadership, people nourished their bodies, lost weight, felt great and were happy with the results. This experience let me know that there is so much I can give to people in this area. Though it may sound cliche, it is absolutely true that there is one ingredient that puts my healthy cooking on a higher level. That ingredient is LOVE. Try it and you will love everything you make. 

I love exercise and the feeling of endorphins in my body. That´s why I workout and work hard. During my previous education and experience I found out that wellness is not only about exercise; there are other important components such as clean eating, sleep and stress management. It’s about complexity and Lifestyle Movement knows it and delivers it to the world in its own way.  

I am very interested in trying new methods and ways to become the best version of myself, physically and mentally. This is called biohacking. This approach combines traditional ways and modern technologies in order to enhance bodily functions and cognitive thinking. 

So what is my goal now? To inspire and help you to achieve your goals. Let’s meet our objectives together! 


  • Professional Coaching Skills Training Certificate – ACT (2019, Prague, Czechia)
  • Kineziotaping course I and II – FitPraha (2018, Prague, Czechia)  
  • – Fitness Instructor (2017, Prague, Czechia)  
  • FMS 2 – Correctives (2016, Toronto, Canada)  
  • FMS 1 – Assessment (2016, Toronto, Canada)  
  • Certificate IV – Personal Trainer (2016, Sydney, Australia)  
  • Certificate III – Fitness Instructor (2015, Perth, Australia)  
  • First Aid Certificate (2015, Perth, Australia)  
  • Accreditation for Nutritional Consultant (2009, Prague, Czechia)  

“I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk    their talk.”– Tony Robbins

David Kaufman

As a kid I was always curious about geography and travel. despite being born in a time when communism strictly controlled movement abroad, I knew that one day I would see the world. At school I struggled to understand why I had to learn certain subjects. No one would explain it to me and I couldn’t use what is now modern technology to find out for myself, either. Once the fall of communism happened, the door to the whole world was opened. So once I finished college, I went to test my poor language skills and what was supposed to be 3 months became a 14 year journey around the globe.  

My love of being free and independent allowed me to experience many different cultures and people. I have learned languages and gone through various jobs to gain the feel and experience of living in a country which is not my own. I loved every part of it, because I realised that even the hardest moments you may have are there to challenge you and make you stronger. I learned how to deal with obstacles and, over time, developed a new way of thinking. Once I got back to Europe from Asia, I decided to take the path of working for corporations. I also finished my university degree and got a job in one of the biggest hospitality companies worldwide. I learned a lot about how management and operations are organised and run until eventually,   what I was most curious about was learning how to become the true leader of an organisation. To lead and transform a business into something better and stronger. 

After 14 long years of travel I got a position in Prague, Czech Republic – so here I am, back in my home-town. Since returning to Prague, I have been creating my environment the way I like it – by building a strong company culture. I also opened a fitness studio, where I, and others who share my passion for healthy living,  can visit at our convenience. Even though I was always active and have played sports my whole life, I always struggled to keep my body in shape long-term. Due to my work overload and hectic lifestyle, I also started to feel out of energy, focus and felt increased amounts of stress which eventually led to burn out.  I went through so many diets, routines and programs which were hard and ineffective in the long run. After quitting them, I would quickly regain the weight. At one point, I weighed 93 kilos and wasn’t even able to tie my shoes when sitting in a  chair. I decided to change my lifestyle approach. I started learning, practicing and studying from the best. I also became a biohacker.  We used modern science to test what actually works. Eventually, I found the fastest and most effective way of getting into shape, looking good and feeling great about myself. I now have the energy and focus to perform at my peak in whatever field or industry I apply myself to. I have found the path to a balanced business and personal life.   

I have been constantly working on my personal growth, developing my existing skills and learning new ones. In light of this, I decided to take it to the next level and create a movement in people. To show them that life does not have to be hard. If you want to feel good and look good, it’s about creating a balance which works for you, is effective and sustainable for your lifestyle.  

That’s why I am here today; to share my knowledge with those who need it and help those who are experiencing the same struggle I had to go through myself.  

Personal Development and Certifications:

  • – Fitness Instructor (2020, Prague, Czechia)  
  • Professional Coaching Skills Training Certificate – ACT (London, UK)
  • NLP Foundation Skills Certificate – NLP Dynamics (London, UK)
  • Advance Presentation and Public Speaking Skills Certificate – PTA Academy (Prague Czechia)
  • Certified Nutrition Adviser – NutriAcademy (Prague, Czechia)
  • Rescue PADI Diver – Thailand, Egypt, Indonesia, Philiphines 
  • Master Business Degree in European Law and EU – UJAK (Prague, Czechia)
  • BTEC Overseas Operations – Hospitality Management Degree (Brighton, UK)