We both contribute our articles about healthy lifestyle in local magazines and also in our private facebook community. Join the group now and get inspired, find out new methods to hack your body, try it on yourself and share your experience with others in the group. 

Our first talk about what BIOHACKING is on national TV NOVA. As you can imagine speaking live without previous experience can build some inner stress. Especially when done for the first time ever. And yes we did it – we were constantly practicing our words and went over various scenarios (just to not f*ck up in the live TV shooting). We have slept poorly past two days, feeling stressed and keep thinking about our words…..

At the end when the camera started to shoot and record we were natural and relaxed and the stressed disappeared and we enjoyed it so much 🙂 The video bellow is in Czech language. 

As January is usually about resolutions and loosing extra kilos after Christmas holidays, in collaboration with AHA magazine we share tips on how to start exercising and what exercises to do at home with partner.

We are proud to have the opportunity to be published in Metro magazine (286,000 copies in the Czech Republic) as experts in lifestyle and sleep hygiene. The same article was also published in Katka magazine and internet portals idnes.cz and 24Zprávy.cz. It is another step in our effort to promote healthy lifestyle and biohacking in everyday life the easy and effective way. Please read the translation of the highlights of the article below. 

“Individual chronotypes are also covered by additional recommendations for the daytime routine to allow a person to choose the right activities and diet, including timing to ensure that in an hour of sleep, metabolism will be in an optimal state for falling asleep and refreshing sleep.” 

“If you know your chronotype, you can navigate better in the day. You know when and what to do to be as efficient as possible in terms of energy, concentration and productivity.
For example the way how to work with light. When I do not have the chance to expose myself to direct sunlight, I use a lamp for 10 minutes with the UVB radiation required for the synthesis of vitamin D in the body. In the evening I avoid the blue LED illumination that blocks sleep hormone production two hours before bedtime”.

Great to be part of something bigger. September issue of Coach Magazine – Educate, Empower, Inspire!

We work with individuals (entrepreneurs, managers, office people) and companies, e.g. CPI group. Pavlina is a teacher of nutrition, movement and psychology in FitPraha school for young fitness instructors and she lectures sport nutrition in Czech company Svět zdraví. David lectures communication and customer processes for Plus Prague Hotel&Hostel.